Rails 7 Modal Forms with Hotwire and Bootstrap

With the release of Ruby on Rails 7 several things changed. Rails now ships with Hotwire turned on by default so we can use the Turbo framework and the stimulus framework. A lot of things you did with JavaScript before can now be done in a much easier and faster way without writing and JavaScript […]

Installing Homebrew on MacOS

When you want to write code on your computer, you usually need to install a lot of development tools and additional software. If you are familiar with Linux, you may have used a package manager to install additional software packages on your system. On a Mac Homebrew is what you are looking for. Homebrew is […]

Installing Python with Pyenv on macOS

If you want to write Python code on macOS and you are a newbie developer, the easiest way is to use the out-of-the box Python that comes shipped with macOS. However, you will quickly experience the downsides of this. Just assume you are on two projects using different Python versions. It is very likely that […]